Bodybuilding and the Illuminati: Is there a connection?

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Although I am definitely not a bodybuilder, over the years I have become increasingly interested in the Illuminati. Recently, I helped one of my clients do research on subliminal messaging and wondered how this related to the topics of bodybuilding and the secret society that threatens to take over the world. According to, there is a definite relationship.


This article states that in the 1950s, a marketing technique known as subliminal messaging came into being. I have read before about how the Illuminati is interested in mind control and indoctrinates slaves through mind control and hypnosis. The fundamental connection between bodybuilding and the Illuminati is Joe Weider, known as the father of bodybuilding. Mike Christian, a former Olympic competitor, has stated that religion serves as the backbone to bodybuilding. Arnold Schwarzenegger, obviously one of the most famous bodybuilders alive, has referred to Weider as a guru. Other bodybuilders have referred to bodybuilding in the elite sense as being open only to a few blessed with superior DNA.


That could be the connection between bodybuilding and the Illuminati, the making of a master race. Although the article does not say so, there could be another connection as well, the connection of sex. In addition to women, there are many gay men who would do anything to have a relationship with a bodybuilder, especially an elite one. If the Illuminati wanted to gain control over someone, it would be very easy to supply the intended victim with a relationship with a bodybuilder in order to control the victim’s mind. It sounds far-fetched, but I am just offering it as a possibility. What do you think? 

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