Can you believe an 11 year old girl wrote this?

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Haruka Herrera is a Japanese-Mexican Middle School student in Laredo Texas. She is 11 and wants to be a writer of children´s books. She enjoys drawing, reading and surfing the internet. What follows is a sample of her writing. It’s hard to believe she already writes so well at the tender age of 11!

Emily and the revolving door

© Hanuka Herrera

One day there was a girl named Emily. She never obeyed the rules and misbehaved a lot. One day, while she was at a museum, she saw a revolving door. It said: “do not enter” in big letters. Emily couldn’t resist but to enter. She pushed the door but she couldn’t stop spinning and she got very dizzy. She fell down from the sky and landed on a lake. She couldn’t believe what happened! She got out of the lake and searched for something to eat; on her search she smelled her favorite food, Hotdogs. She ran to the place where she smelled the hotdogs, it was near the forest. She saw the hotdogs on a weirdly shaped grill and she saw the hotdogs and grabbed them with permission and stuffed them in her mouth. She ran and she went to the town and stole a jacket from a lady when she wasn’t looking, she felt like she could do anything. Soon enough everyone in town wanted her. Emily went to the forest to hide until she saw an old woman in a robe. The lady was holding potions; she asked what the potions are for. And the old lady said it makes you powerful but don’t drink it. Emily thought that it would turn into a princess or ruler, she drank it but something terrible happened. She transformed, she had green monstrous eyes, grew taller, big horns, razor sharp teeth, and a body of a wolf. She didn’t feel it but the lady ran away from her. She went to town and everyone screamed and ran away from her, she kept wondering why. She went to the lake and saw her refection and in horror she cried and settled down at a cave. She cried and regretted what she did but then all of a sudden she woke up from a terrible dream. She promised she will never behave badly again.

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