Give Muslim students voting rights

· Illuminati

My newspaper will start to discuss now about a new New World Order. The NWO espoused by the Rothschilds is all about money, even if it means being violent to obtain it. That’s why they are one of the richest families in the world. They are truly without God. My idea for a new world to replace theirs is one where we acknowledge the Biblical God, where the Old Testament shows what would have happened if Jesus Christ had not atoned for our sins. I will be putting forth my agenda in the paper, along with writing books about it, concerning the following belief system: Minorities in Western countries who do not now have the right to vote should obtain it, including the Mexicans that Trump has disrespected, the Muslims who are not extreme and violent, etc. International students in Western universities should get the vote, because Western educational institutions are becoming the most radical institutions in the Western world. We need to stop marginalizing people. We need a feeling of cooperation between Muslims, Jews, Christians, and every other religion in the world because if someone loves God, it does not matter what we call Him as long as we try to obey His principles. There’s more to unite than to divide us. Emotional intelligence needs to be discussed a lot more than it is. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs requires and merits discussion. Although God ultimately should be worshipped, mankind should also be worshipped. Anyone who is really emotionally intelligent and is self-actualized according to Maslow’s hierarchical system will automatically be a natural aristocrat, one who does not discriminate, one who loves everyone, one who does not allow bullies to do their evil work, one who tolerates only that which should be tolerated, and one which sees both sides of issues. No more dividing and conquering, no more distractions, what we need now is a new New World Order, one where we do not jump to conclusions about good and evil. The further we move from the other person’s perspective, the further we remove ourselves from God’s sphere. There’s truth in everything.


There’s one very important point I’d like to make. It’s the marginalized who are attracted by becoming members of any group. They are the ones who have nothing left to lose. They are the women who find the ISIS fighters sexy because they seem very macho and masculine. They are the young men who don’t feel like they fit in anywhere and so they welcome the feeling of belonging to a special club. They are the poor people who welcome the monthly pay that ISIS provides. Some people, deep down, do not want to lend aid and comfort to any such evil, violent groups, in their right minds, but they feel forced to it, like they have nothing left. Good Christian people who truly care about their fellow men and women should support inclusive efforts on behalf of minorities, Muslims, etc. It does no good to throw such people in jail, where they will interact with other criminals, and become even greater outcasts. Welcome Muslims into your communities in the Western world. Do not encourage a situation where an extreme Muslim takes advantage of a vulnerable woman in a restaurant where she is liable to agree with anything as long as she feels like she’s part of a community. Do not radicalize that young Muslim man who wants to date Western girls. Recognize the value in all religious beliefs. It may save lives. And all lives matter, including those that have systematically been marginalized in the past.


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