Is America the greatest country in the world?

The United States of America was born in 1776. It was created by a group of men called the Founding Fathers, and they included such men as Thomas Jefferson and George Washington. These men believed in God, and were addicted to the drugs of liberty and justice. They felt that there should be freedom of religion, but they did not feel that religion had no place in government. That is a modern myth created by people who are godless themselves, and like to project their irreligion on others. Humankind has its greatest potential when we are free to make our own choices. The anchor of that choice should be our figuring out, as much as possible, in our own imperfect way, what God would do in a given situation.


In the Middle East today, there is a battle between people who feel that people should be forced to make the right choice. In Saudi Arabia, for example, this latter belief prevails. In other countries, like Kuwait, there is less extremism, and people are more free to make choices for themselves. Women have more rights in Kuwait. They are not obligated to cover their hair. The Arab Spring has shown that people in the Middle East, because of the spreading influence of social media, are beginning to fight for more human rights. When children are killed in Syria by ruthless men, many of these Middle Eastern citizens are just as upset as their Western counterparts at this betrayal of humankind’s fundamental right to speak out against the government, which is supposed to look out for their people, not brutally terrorize them. People are not interested in the old way of doing things. They want to be free to make decisions for themselves. A person who is forced into doing good is not good; they are obedient. There is a difference. The Founding Fathers understood this difference and people all across the world are also beginning to comprehend it. Does that make the United States the greatest country in the world, since the best form of flattery is imitation? 

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