Is there a connection between the Boston Marathon bombings and the Illuminati?

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In the above picture, a man is atop a building near the site of the Boston Marathon where bombings killed 2 people and injured 23 others. It is incidences like this that cause people to wonder about conspiracy theories.




Is there a connection between the Boston Marathon bombs and the Illuminati? Or is it a false flag operation instigated by the FBI? Or is it just a ‘simple’ case of someone evil bombing people?




According to Illuminati Watcher, there have been conflicting media reports concerning the issue of whether or not there were ball bearing-inflicted wounds on the 23 injured runners. Whenever there are conflicting media reports, many people feel that the truth is not as simple as it appears to be. For example, in other tragedies that have occurred in the United States, one red flag, as it were, is the issue of multiple shooters. In this case involving the Boston Marathon, it is the issue of ball bearings.




Alex Jones, someone who regularly analyzes these situations with regard to potential false flag operations, has quoted a coach as saying that even before the race began, there were bomb-sniffing dogs. Of course, the people running the marathon (pardon the pun) might have received a warning without the government having been involved.




Jones himself has been quoted as stating that the FBI is behind almost every domestic terror plot in the States. To defend himself, according to this article, Jones could point to the Reichstag fire, and the Gulf of Tonkin controversy.




Another common aspect that unites these occasional tragedies is that someone will report a social media page (in this case, Facebook) where someone has set up a page that discusses a tragedy before it actually occurs. The article I’m summarizing discusses how a title of a Facebook page set up 2 days before the marathon bombings was “Thoughts go out to all involved in the Boston explosions.”




But perhaps the most interesting thing that this article points out is the Illuminati playing card “Joggers.” I have discussed these cards before. They were a game released in the 1990s, and the cards refer or hint at tragedies that had not yet occurred.








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