Jay Z and the Illuminati

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In Jay Z’s new song Monster by Kanye West, the rapper talks about raping children and women in the context of pillaging villages. Let’s remember that Barack Obama has included Jay Z in public campaign ads. He counts the rapper as one of his friends. Of course, that is probably because Jay Z raised a lot of money for Obama at one of his fundraisers. Alistair Crowley counts the rapper as one of his fans. Crowley said that you are your own God. He believed in social Darwinism, and survival of the fittest.


Jay Z has been photographed wearing a sweater that says, “Do what thou wilt,” the credo of Crowley. On one of Jay Z’s albums, he talks about murdering someone whose name I’m not going to mention because it’s sacreligious within this context. Suffice it to say that Jay Z is evil.


Aristotle said that if you listen to the wrong type of music, you become the wrong type of person.


Dice makes an excellent point that of course tv shows can affect our ideas. If we want remodelling advice, we can watch a home improvement show. It puts an idea into our head. It is cause and effect. So of course there is danger in listening to trash like Jay Z. 


Source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z0637GjJDvk

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