Love thy neighbour…but how?

· Philosophy, Religion

How can we love our homeless neighbour? We can look directly at them and smile when we pass them on a crowded city street. That doesn’t cost anything.


How can we love our Muslim neighbour? We can read the Quran and try to understand their religion better.


How can we love our black neighbour? If we witness a racist incident, we can stand up for what is right, and not let racists get away with what they are doing.


How can we love our gay neighbour? We can refuse to judge. We can admit that no one knows what causes homosexuality. And if we were gay, we would probably fight for gay rights too!


How can we love our immigrant neighbour? Volunteer at a school that teaches English as a second language. Invite a student to live with you in a homestay arrangement. Get to know their culture.


How can we love our Jewish neighbour? We can admit that the Holocaust happened, we can mourn for those who died, and we can honour the legendary places in Palestine that are discussed in the Christian Bible.


How can we love our Christian neighbour? We can live the precepts that are discussed in the King James version of the Holy Bible.


How can we love our Atheist neighbour? We can pray for them and hope that they have an experience which helps them feel the love of God.


How can we love our disabled neighbour? We can realise that although our first impulse might be to help them open a door, for example, in a public restaurant, sometimes they want us to have faith in them that they can open it for themselves.


How can we love our addicted neighbour? We can help them replace what they are addicted to with the love that we show them. No addiction is more important than the one common to all humankind. The addiction to being treated well.

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