Nietzsche, the anti-Christ

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There is a video on YouTube that fascinatingly discusses the great philosopher/artist #FriedrichNietzche. The name #Nietzche is legendary in the realm of philosophy.

One of his books is called #BeyondGoodandEvil, and in it, he writes about how there are two types of morality in this world. They are slave and master. He specifies that Christianity is an example of a slave majority. It was created, Nietzche alleged, as a revenge from slaves upon their masters. Slaves comforted themselves with the belief that all the suffering they endured in this life would be offset in the next by the luxuries and rewards to come.

Nietzche referred to himself as the #AntiChrist. He did not approve of the slave mentality. He pointed out that hawks are not judged as immoral because they prey upon other animals, so why should humans be judged because they do something supposedly immoral?

Of course, the #amphiist (for an explanation of what amphibians is, please consult the sidebar on my homepage and read the section under Jaclyn Holland-Strauss’s brand) take on all this is that humans have the ability to think because we’re at a higher level of development than animals. So we enjoy a higher responsibility.

I think that a master morality should be based on amphiism, specifically on the ability to develop beyond who we are today. Am I compare myself with someone who doesn’t bother to examine their own behaviour in the hopes to become better tomorrow than they were yesterday? We can’t judge individuals for their state of development because we don’t know their circumstances, past or present, but we can assign them a lower level of attention based on the idea that they are not operating according to their full potential.

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