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Brian Atlas hosts a dating podcast called Whatever. He is an intriguing person with strongly marked characteristics and traits. His worldview is that modern society is moving in the wrong direction. His fans adore him, and often donate hundreds of dollars in superchats. He is becoming a very wealthy man.

He does, however, have his critics who argue that he is a misogynist and simply invites female sex workers on his podcast in order to mock them, much to the glee of his chatters.

He has obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), and constantly gets his guests to adjust the position of their microphones. You’d think that sex workers would be better at handling such equipment, but I guess not!

Atlas is also criticized for setting women up to fail and it is supposed that perhaps he has had personal issues with women in the past, in a dating sense. It seems like maybe he’s paid for the first date with a promiscuous woman (or women) and felt like a dupe. He’s now warning other men to beware, and not do something traditional (pay for the date) for women who cannot have that adjective applied to them. Sex workers are definitely not traditional, regardless if one is for or against that particular career.

But there’s a point I’d like to make. When we consider Brian’s morality, we should recognize that he is not the only stakeholder with regard to this issue. Critics constantly complain about his misogyny, but they neglect to mention that women, especially contemporary beautiful young women often manipulate men to the point where, completely frustrated, men who would otherwise treat females with great respect (and pay for dates, etc.), if the men felt such females deserved it. It’s not just about tradition or non-tradition; it also seems to be about problematic behaviour that women engage in that engenders consequences with which women are not always comfortable.

To be fair, however, something similar happens when men criticize women for sleeping around, having high body counts. Why do we never blame men who pay for the Onlyfans girls conduct their particular lifestyle? There’s enough blame to go around, as there usually is.

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