Throw anyone at or above the rank of Senator in jail: Solving America’s problems

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I don’t know who is going to win the 2012 American election, but it is a guarantee that the American people are going to lose. I agree with a lot of classic Republican ideology but Mitt Romney does not impress me. It’s not just that he likes being in secret rooms where he can talk about how 47% of America likes to think of themselves as victims. It is not just that he flip flops on every important conceivable issue. It’s more that he does not have a vision. He is the classic politician in that he will say whatever is necessary to gain the office he seeks.


And don’t even get me started on Barack Obama. A failure from beginning to end. The only reason he even is President of the United States is because he is a light-skinned African American. It would be nice to advance the cause of black people by having a great role model for a President, but Obama is not that role model. Actually, it would be nice to advance the cause of humanity in general by having an impressive role model in office, but I think that may be too much to hope for at this point. He had no experience, and the consequences of that are abundantly apparent after his four years in office.


I cannot for the life of me understand how anyone can defend Obama. I guess if you accept the liberal ideology overall, he is easier to take. But do people have no standards anymore? The man promised change and hope. The main change is that the economy is worse than it was before, and pretty much the only hope that is left is that it won’t get even worse before it gets better. He has not kept his promises. Why does he get a pass on this? People say, “Oh, he inherited a recession.” Well, who cares what he inherited? If he hadn’t inherited rough economic times, then he would not have needed to promise change in the first place. When someone promises change, I expect them to deliver it. But Obama is all talk and no action. And he gets a pass because the media is in love with him because most of the media is Democrat. No news there. Chris Matthews said a thrill goes up his leg whenever he hears Obama talk. What drivel from a supposedly objective journalist. I know he is more of a commentator than a journalist per se, but still…the media is in the tank for Obama.


Here’s what should happen: Throw anyone above the rank of Senator in jail, and they don’t get out until they solve the country’s problems. While they are in jail, replace them for the day to day running of the government with people from each state who have received awards for being good role models in one way or another. Seriously, pick people randomly off the street and I can’t see how they would do much worse. Just make sure seven out of 10 of them are conservative, or else the country has no hope for the future for real. And since the country was founded by men who knew what made a country great, have America’s new leaders find out what the Founding Fathers thought about a subject, and then implement their suggestions. 

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