What are some good dating tips for men and women?

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Men and women find it very difficult to communicate. It’s because you can say the same exact sentence and it means different things, based on which gender you are. The good news is that there are some tricks that people can use to impress a person of the opposite sex. As long as you are sincere, then it’s not manipulative and you are not taking advantage of anyone. In this world, there is a lot of hostility, intolerance and negativity. We need to introduce the art of giving the sincere compliment. If we say something nice to someone, even if we do not end up getting to know them better, we will still have made them feel better, even for a moment.


But what are some examples of sincere compliments that people can use to make others feel good? Here’s one for girls: Tell a guy that you appreciate what he has done for you. I spend a lot of time in restaurants, editing students’ papers, helping people with their English, etc. I overhear plenty of conversations, including between men and women. One thing I have noticed is that women say things to men that men would never be allowed to say with men. I think it’s because women are better communicators and when we think something, we say it. Sometimes if we are frustrated, we actually are a lot ruder than we probably realize. I have heard a lot of times women speak very sharply to men. If a man did that to a woman, he would be considered a jerk but men accept it as a matter of course.

Women should let the men in their lives know that they are appreciated. Men work hard in a variety of ways to please and impress, and advertise themselves. It is good for women to take notice of the good that guys do, and not just focus on the bad and frustrating. A sincere compliment from a woman to a man could take the form of the question, “I love how you have such good manners and always hold the door open for me.” What if the man in your life does not hold the door open for you? The next time you are somewhere in public and notice a guy holding a door open for a girl, say to the guy with you, “Oh, look at that, he’s very nice.” That will encourage the guy you’re with to do the same for you.


What are some things that men can say to impress the women they want to get to know better? It depends on where you both are. If you are in school, and you are in the same class, you could say, “Wow, that class is hard. But it always seems like you know what’s going on.” This would be a good way to start a conversation.


In the beginning, I said that men and women can hear the same sentence and hear something totally different. But the more we practice talking with the opposite sex, then the better we will be at understanding what the other person is saying.

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  1. Two of Us Dating Service

    I really found that telling the man in your life, something positive helps the relationship grow more open. Woman forget that men like hearing things like ” I really love the resturant you picked out” My guy does most of the choosing, and he hasnt disappointed me yet!!

    Great Article

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