What is sin?

· Philosophy, Religion

Sin is when we do something wrong and often the motivation is that we are trying to be happy. But we are messing up in our approach! What is the best thing to do when we sin? I think that each of us sins many times each day. I know I do. It can be anything from inappropriate thoughts to inappropriate actions. No matter how small or how large, these sins need to be taken care of. We need to change our minds about the sin that we are committing. We need to look at the sin from God’s perspective. Since He loves us perfectly, there must be a reason why He does not want us to do that wrong thing. Once we know why it is so bad, it is easier to overcome it. Sometimes! Some sins seem so attractive to us that we have a very hard time overcoming them. I’m sure we have all had that experience . Many people are addicted to something unhealthy.


I think that there is no pointing in beating ourselves up about the sins that we commit. It doesn’t accomplish anything. People are often harder about themselves on smaller issues than larger ones. We need to stop wasting time feeling guilty and stop doing what is making us guilty in the first place. If we are doing something that we know is wrong, sometimes the best thing to do is change our circumstances. Maybe when we hang around certain people we find ourselves doing that wrong thing more. Or maybe we do something and that in turn leads to the other sin.


It’s extremely hard to overcome sin because we are simple human beings. I think that is one advantage of organized religion. Being surrounded by people who cherish the same beliefs and hopes makes it much easier to overcome temptation. If for some reason we have been cast out from such a society, then we need to try to struggle through the wilderness alone but struggle through it we must. That is life. Maybe the easiest way to overcome sin is to become happier. Try to introduce something into your life that excites you, that gives you a reason to get up every morning. Maybe that excitement will help us realize that the sin we are committing is not the best way to go. I hope that everyone has the strength to overcome what is wrong and dark in our lives so that we can be happier, the way God wants us.

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