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The cost of civil war in Yemen has been immense. Whenever someone in Halifax (like me!) complains about what life here is like, we need to think of our brothers and sisters in a place like Yemen. The cost of war anywhere is enormous, but civil war can be especially deadly. It is hard for citizens to get access to water because the infrastructure has been so destroyed. Electricity, something we take for granted here, is a luxury now in Yemen, or at least many parts of it. The next time we turn on a light and it comes on without any problem, we should think of the people of Yemen. When we can cross the road in our city without seeing people who have been murdered, we should think of Yemen. When we know that children who are sick are likely going to receive the medical treatment that they need, we can think of Yemen. Hopefully someday the fighting will stop, and good will be victorious over evil. I’ve heard that the main problem with Yemen is the poverty. Maybe that poverty leads to lack of education. What do you think? 

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