Amphiist 19: Britain and its sins

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There are many sides fighting to influence our world view

We need to listen to all of them (free speech)

Including what the mainstream media refuses to cover

The rest of us are entitled to our perspectives:

Shia Muslims, men’s rights, socialists, etc.

Amphiist is a Greek word meaning looking at both sides

Amphiist (19)

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January 7, 2018                                 Today in the…

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Mainstream media perspective

The mainstream media celebrates people like Winston Churchill, and breathlessly announces everything the British royal family is doing on a practically daily basis. For them, Churchill was a great hero who stopped the Nazis. If it weren’t for him, they proudly argue, everyone would be speaking German and much violence would have accrued. The royal family is necessary for the revenue brought by tourism, so the narrative goes. They represent tradition going all the way back to Henry VIII and even centuries before that. They have contributed some of the world’s greatest literature through authors such as Shakespeare, Agatha Christie and Jane Austen (okay, this part is inarguable).

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The Other Side

Britain’s wanton disregard of human life following how they partitioned various countries for their own geopolitical interests, without regard for ethnic tensions, exhibits a cruelty almost unimaginable to sane people. Between the Balfour Declaration of 1917, which cavalierly divided Palestine/Israel, and the division of Pakistan and India in 1947, we can thank God that Britain no longer exercises the power it once did.

In his book, Radical, Maajid Nawaz compellingly tells how his grandparents were separated temporarily as a result of the ghost trains designed to implement the partitioning of India and Pakistan. And he mentions how millions of people were killed as a result of the ethnic tensions which occurred

My own thought here is that although all violence is contemptible, no matter how many white British people suffer, it will never equal the existential crisis faced by Britain’s gross and vile dismissal of human rights when they executed their foreign policy in the 20th century. I hope we can always find Shakespeare, Christie and Austen in English bookstores, but other than that, I earnestly yearn for white British culture to be further reduced in power. Bring in millions of refugees, and change to a stronger Islamic culture. Combine the best of Britain with the best of Islam, in other words.

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