Edward Snowden: hero or villain?

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Source of picture: http://www.infowars.com/edward-snowden-leaves-hong-kong-on-flight-to-moscow/




It’s always interesting to read certain authors and social critics, because they always (or their associates) have something interesting to say. Infowars.com is one of those sites, and Alex Jones is one of the social critics I find brings an interesting perspective to the news of the day. There is currently a debate over whether NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden, is a hero or a villain. Did he hurt the United States by revealing specific details about the Prism system, or is he a hero for revealing to the American people the kind of surveillance techniques employed by the organization?




Snowden says that the NSA can build a life story on you even if you have done nothing wrong. They can not only tell whom you called, or who called you, but they can also tell retrieve the entire audio conversation from beginning to end. Few people realize they had this capability.




But some people argue that this degree of spying is necessary to protect Americans from another attack like what occurred on 9/11. According to Jon Rappaport, it is possible that Snowden is an agent still working for the CIA (he was employed at the CIA years before). He might be making the NSA look bad on CIA orders because there has been tension between the two organizations ever since 9/11 when the NSA tried to pass the buck to the CIA for an explanation of why terrorists successfully attacked the United States.




However, there are some interesting readers’ comments underneath Rappaport’s article which merit inspection. One of the readers asserts that Snowden at one point criticized the CIA which he would not do if he were really still in their employ. What Snowden has done, according to the quoted reader, is make it easier for the average person to talk about government corruption without being branded a crazy conspiracy theorist. The reader also takes issue with Rappaport’s contention that Snowden would not have realistically been able to do all of the things Snowden is pretending. The reader I’ve quoted points out that Snowden might have made his copies of leaked security documents before he began discussing his concerns with colleagues.




Is this a conspiracy within a conspiracy? Do you think that Snowden is a hero or a villain?






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