Barack Obama scandal in the State Department! Most transparent and accountable administration ever…right!

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When Barack Obama was trying to become elected, he promised that his administration would be the most transparent and accountable in United States history. This, of course, is manifestly not what has happened. Instead, he has engaged with the most secretive, rights-denying, Constitution-ruining policies of all time. The latest scandal is that the State Department has covered up many cases which should have been fully investigated because of their threats to the security of the United States government.


A recent memo obtained by CBS News shows that there have been at least eight examples of how the State Department has not properly used its power. One of the more famous incidents occurred when Hilary Clinton, Secretary of State’s security detail engaged prostitutes when they were in foreign countries. This apparently happens all of the time. The threat is obvious. If security guards who often know extremely sensitive information are engaging prostitutes, there is no telling what private details about government are being told to foreign powers. Who knows…maybe the prostitutes, after sleeping with Hilary Clinton’s security detail, are sleeping with powers that be in the foreign country, powers that would very much like to know details about US government plans.


Ambassadors have been known to ‘lose’ their security details so that they can engage in sex with prostitutes, as well.


In addition to sexual scandals, drugs are also an important issue. Supposedly, near the American Embassy in Iraq (Baghdad) there is an underground drug ring, and not only that, but allegedly high-up State Department officials were part of this drug racket.


However, not all agents should be tarred with the same brush. As in any organization, there are probably many honest workers who are frustrated by the corruption they see above. Another issue is that perhaps American powers-that-be can be blackmailed if they are found engaging in criminal behaviour. It used to be that homosexual activity was a concern because of the potential for blackmail. Nowadays, it seems as though Americans are on one hand more jaded about sexual indisrections, but on the other hand, more Puritan about them as well, especially in the case of political leaders. The opportunity for blackmail in this context is extremely high.


Barack Obama’s administration has been anything but transparent and accountable. Whenever he is challenged about such incidents, he gets angry and acts indignant. It is like he has a certain view about himself that he will not allow challenged. He clearly feels that he is the best president that America has ever had, and anyone who does not understand his greatness is operating under a delusion.



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