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Who takes breakups harder, men or women?

I think that men do. There is a myth that men are not as sensitive as women. They just show it differently, meaning that they do not show it as openly because society still frowns on men who are too emotional, which has devastating consequences.   Men do not fall in love as easily as […]

Guys and girls: What do women mean when we say nothing is wrong?

Men and women sometimes have very good intentions, but often they do not understand each other because they literally do not know what the other person is saying. One of the biggest mistakes that people make is they assume that because the way they handle a situation is the way that someone of the opposite […]

Why do many Middle Eastern guys want to date Canadian girls? (Part 3)

Although these are all just theories, and I have no way to prove them, I do think there are several reasons for why many Middle Eastern guys want to date Canadian girls.   Of course, there are exceptions. Some guys from a culture that is different from the Canadian one don’t think much of the […]