What’s wrong with Barack Obama? Oh, I know!

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President Barack Obama is the worst President in United States history. He has the disadvantages of past presidents, without their glories. For example, one of the criticisms against President Ronald Reagan (one of the greatest Presidents of all time) is that he spent too much while in office. However, offsetting that is his glorious victory over the Soviet Union. Reagan was instrumental in winning the Cold War so the fact that he spent a lot on building up America’s defense is kind of a “weakness tied to a strength” deal. However, Obama has not won any major victories, military or otherwise.


He is also the worst kind of political panderer. The liberal media went on and on about how brave he was to say that he now personally supports gay marriage. I’m not sure why a Democrat supporting gay marriage is considered brave. It seems to me that a Republican supporting gay marriage, someone like Mitt Romney, would be a far braver person because his political base does not support it. Or it would be brave of Obama not to support gay marriage, because his constituency does for the most part support it. What’s next on Obama’s list of courageous things to do? Say a woman has a right to choose what happens with her own body?


The last time a health care failed so abysmally was when Hillary Clinton tried to emulate Canada by having a universal health care system. Canada has a ton of wonderful qualities as a country, but our health care system is in a mess. Waiting lines are longer than Barack Obama’s list of recommended entitlements. Democrats understand health care with about the same perspicacity that Kim Kardashian displays when considering the fine points of marriage.


The list of wrong things Obama has done is very long, but it is not as bad as what he would do if he won a second term and didn’t have to answer to as many people as he does now. He is a lover of Saul Alinsky and that whole socialist ideology. Obama wants to take from the rich and give to the poor. But funnily enough, he is not giving away his money. Socialists never seem to be socialists when it comes to their own pocketbooks. If Obama is so insistent upon redistributing wealth, why doesn’t he forego his salary as President, and hand out money to entrepeneurs with good ideas? Granted, Obama’s definition of good ideas and mine are different enough that I shouldn’t want to travel down that particular road.

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