Who is the White Widow? And what is her connection with Al Qaeda?

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Her name is Samantha Lethwaite. She has been referred to as one of the most frightening female terrorists of all time. She was married to Jermaine Lindsay, the 7/7 bomber. Her name is associated with high-ranking Al Qaeda members. Nothing is known for certain about her, and this is all alleged; however, it is clear that her husband was the suicide bomber in the 7/7 (July 2005 attack in London) and died, along with at least 51 others as a result of his crime.


One of the most interesting facts about this woman is that her clothing style changes depending on the circumstances. She can be seen sometimes in Islamic-style clothing, wearing a burka; at other times, she has been spotted wearing traditional English clothing. The most recent crime she has been accused of is during the Euro 2012, just this past year. She allegedly fired a grenade into a crowded football bar. Because of this action, a 3-year-old boy died. She is also accused of planning future bomb attacks on high-end British hotels like the Ritz and the Dorchester.


Although the article does not mention this, the names of the hotels she was reportedly planning on attacking made me think that part of her rationale and agenda might be to hurt people she perceives as being wealthy. These are 5-star hotels in London, where wealthy people, including movie stars like Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, and heiresses like Christina Onassis, have stayed. Perhaps part of Lewthwaite’s anger and resentment is toward the 1%.


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