Donald Trump: President of the United States?

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Donald Trump is going to do something yooge (Donald Trump’s version of huge) at this year’s Republican convention. It is expected that Mitt Romney will get the nomination because he has the required number of delegates. Could Trump announce that he is going to run? He no longer is disqualified because of the airing of his reality show, The Celebrity Apprentice. There is a rule that says everyone has to have an equal shot at air time and if one of the candidates has a tv show that would give them too much of a competitive advantage.


I think Donald Trump would be an excellent candidate. He is right in his assertion that part of being the Commander in Chief is being Economic Commander in Chief. He believes that the President of the United States needs to be an excellent negotiator. For example, China is regularly taking advantage of the US in economic matters, taking advantage of the States’ diplomatic leaders seeming unwillingness to strike a hard bargain.


I’m not sure if I like Romney as a candidate because of the constant flip flopping. Trump has endorsed Romney which probably means Trump won’t be running, but the lover of drama in me hopes that he does. That would surely make for some good and interesting news stories! Romney has flip flopped so much that it’s hard to know what he really believes in. I think at this point, since Obama is such an extreme liberal, it would be kind of nice to have an extreme conservative to balance things out! Although of course extreme in either case is bad, I suppose.


So many of the States’ problems would be solved if the economy is good. Jobs would improve, not as many people would be on welfare, etc. Romney would be good for the economy because he has been successful in business. Imagine Trump as Vice President! I don’t know a lot about Paul Ryan so I have no opinion on him yet, but I would honestly be very excited if Donald Trump were Romney’s VP selection. I know that’s not going to happen because Ryan has already been announced but I’m excited to see what Trump’s announcement will be. I hope it’s good! If he’s not actually running for President, it would be nice if he could make the Republican race for the President a lot more interesting!

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