Make money online: Internet marketing with Fiverr (Part 4 of 7)

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Making money online is entirely possible, but it does take some work. Do not believe these internet gurus who say you can get a marketable site up and running in a matter of days. It takes months of work, finding the right technological tools, figuring out what you need to outsource, finding out what to read, and then somehow finding the time to read it! Fiverr is an excellent resource because people agree to do things for five dollars or a little more that would normally cost a lot more if you were to arrange for someone to do it in the traditional way. I’ve never quite figured out why people do things so cheaply on here but we need to take advantage of it while possible.


Here’s what to do when you get on Fiverr, after you have signed up (you also need to sign up with a Paypal account which can take about a week because the bank has to verify your account, etc.). First, click on categories. Then click on online marketing. Then click on keywords research. What’s keywords research? Whenever people type words into a search engine like Google or YouTube to find articles on a certain topic, these words they type in are called keywords. The main reason internet marketers build websites is to attract traffic to their sites so they can monetize their site. This can be done through having a membership site, selling information products on your site, being an affiliate (selling someone else’s info products), etc. But you need traffic to your site in order to make money off it. To get people to visit you, you need to have the right keywords that people are actually searching, so that they end up on your site.


If something does something for you on Fiverr, it’s called a gig. One gig that would be great to buy is a man who will create a killer SEO report for any website you want. If you scroll down, you will also see additional gigs that you pay for. Services can range in price, but the basic is just 5 dollars. It’s vital to look at the person’s rating percentage to see how many people have rated him positively, and also look to your right to see how many people have rated the person’s service. Also look to see how long it takes them to fulfil an order. If you’re interested on a particular gig, click order now. This will redirect you to your Paypal page and you fill out the necessary information, place your order, and wait for your email. You will likely get one that says that the gig provider needs more information, so just follow the link, give the seller your information that he needs, and then wait for the gig to be fulfilled. It’s also important to remember that after you have received what you bought, that you take a few minutes to review the order, rate him, etc. This will help ensure that those who have integrity continue to get gigs, and if there are those who cheat people, they will be run out of business. However, I have not heard of anyone yet doing anything bad on this site. But you do see negative ratings, so unsatisfactory work is out there, to be sure. 

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