Shooting at LAX Airport-another Illuminati-sponsored event?

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There was another shooting early this morning at the LAX International Airport in Los Angeles. The lone gunman had an assault rifle. He was shot and captured. Wow, this all forms a pattern, doesn’t it? Literally it’s the same type of tragedy each and every time with no or little variation. One gunman. Always a man. Always ends up dead.


This shows how pointless all of the screening that is done at airports now is. A person who wants to do this sort of thing has more than enough opportunity to do something in a way that circumvents the controls that have been put in place. I’m not saying the screening should be done away with but a balance should be made between the awful inconvenience of flying these days and protecting travellers.


Maybe such gunmen are our version of the suicide bombers who populate the Middle East. They are people who voluntarily die in order to create a distraction so that we do not focus on the matters that truly deserve our interest. And it never seems like it is a Caucasian American who performs these atrocities. I don’t think it’s an issue of race. I think it’s an issue that the conspirators pick the same type of patsy each time. Someone who is foreign, or at least foreign-born, to arouse anger and reinforce stereotypes, and someone who is addicted to drugs or has been prescribed medicine by pushers, I mean doctors for big pharmaceutical companies.


Another possible element to the story is to wonder why certain people are targeted. According to some eyewitnesses, the shooting was random and no one in particular was targeted. However, with these crimes, one often has to look at results. If we see news reports in the future about how TSA agents are now more heavily armed, we will see a reason why this tragedy occurred. I’ve heard it conjectured that another reason why incidents like this happen is because it distracts Americans from thinking about events that are going on in places like Syria. Hey look, Miley Cyrus is taking off her panties! No, look over there, another shooting. Man, we should have a lot more guns in the hands of government officials and less in the civilian community! To keep everybody safe!


Mayor Eric Garcetti has publicly praised the airport police as saving a lot more people who could have died had it not been for their quick action. This makes me wonder if this might not be another reason for the shooting, to make certain people heroes, and to simultaneously increase respect for public authorities. I’m not saying my theories are right. I’m just trying to provoke thought. My theories are possible, after all, and it is also possible that this shooting is as it happened on face value. One thing to look out for will be to see what happens in terms of rules and regulations at airport, especially as related to guns in the hands of TSA agents. Another thing I’m wondering about is the medical history of the killer. Was he on drugs? Was he being prescribed medicine in the anti-depressant category? A lot to wonder about…Perhaps the most interesting thing about this article was how there are conflicting stories about the randomness of the event. Some say random, but one individual points out that the gunman walked up to him and said “TSA?” So a TSA agent sounds like the target, after all. Hmm….



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