Shooting at Garden Place Mall, New Jersey: Illuminati-sponsored?

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In Paramus, New Jersey, there has been another shooting. Again, the man had drug-related issues. Again, the killer died. It took place in the Garden State Place Mall. The area that the killer was in was not available to the general public. It is believed that he was targeting one person who fortunately was not there at the time of the shooting. The killer’s father implied to the police that his son had warned others that he was going to do this.


The gun was registered to the killer’s brother, not to the killer himself. This is important due to the issue of gun control. It doesn’t seem to matter about background checks on guns, because people who want to kill with guns will find guns whether or not they own them themselves, or whether or not they are registered to the would-be killer or not.


The killer was dressed all in black, possibly a sign that he was associated somehow with the Illuminati. He was shooting at security cameras, which possibly is a symbol of how he did not want to be monitored by government forces. Perhaps the mall was a symbol of American consumerism and society’s obsession with money. We will never know why things happened the way they did.


The killer (he at least intended to kill) had a history of drug abuse, according to the Fox News report. MDMA was the drug that he used most of all, although he was a regular taker of other drugs as well, according to one source.


The suicide note, to use that term loosely, revealed that the killer expected the end to come soon. This could be a religious reference, or a reference to the Illuminati; it is very hard to say.



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