Operation Mockingbird

· Illuminati

This CIA initiative took place after World War II in the United States. The purpose of the project was the dissemination of governmental propaganda. And part of the message was anti-Communism, since the US and Russia were at the height of their Cold War during this period. The damage that was done fighting Communism at any cost is now obvious, but not so at the time that Operation Mockingbird was in effect. The CIA essentially paid newspaper owners to publish material with which the CIA agreed. This is not a conspiracy theory, by the way. It’s known fact. Remember that the next time you hear about a conspiracy theory, which was a term coined by the CIA to cast doubt on truthtellers/whistleblowers. So much for freedom of the press.

Another aspect of Mockingbird is that it engaged in mind control. The CIA allegedly wished to plant thoughts in people’s heads that suited the CIA’s various causes, such as anti-communism. This would take the form of stories against heroes like Che Guevara and Stalin. These men were admittedly villainous in some of the deeds of their lives, but that can be said about any human being. What was not discussed in papers of that time were the heroic deeds perpretated by these two men and others of their ilk. If we pretend that violence is the point of no return for deciding if someone is good or evil, then that condemns a lot of people the US government would very decidedly approve of. betsforcrypto.com

The thing about good and evil is that they are irrevocably intertwined. Who’s to say when an action crosses the line? An amphiist believes that violent people become so because of a brain malfunction, not from any inherent moral dysfunction. It is pointless to say for example that Stalin was evil because labelling him as such dismisses all of the good that he did. Stalin’s caring for humanity was exemplary and he is a role model. Not a role model as a perfect man, but a role model as someone who saw through the futility and hypocricy of societal norms, and the necessity of ending the oppression of the many by the few.

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