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Was the Christchurch massacre a false flag?

I have seen some people stating on Twitter that the Christchurch attack in New Zealand over the past weekend is a false flag. However, the only thing I can think of in common with past attacks is the confusion over whether or not there were multiple attackers. When I did a poll on my Twitter […]

Shooting at Garden Place Mall, New Jersey: Illuminati-sponsored?

In Paramus, New Jersey, there has been another shooting. Again, the man had drug-related issues. Again, the killer died. It took place in the Garden State Place Mall. The area that the killer was in was not available to the general public. It is believed that he was targeting one person who fortunately was not […]

Shooting at LAX Airport-another Illuminati-sponsored event?

There was another shooting early this morning at the LAX International Airport in Los Angeles. The lone gunman had an assault rifle. He was shot and captured. Wow, this all forms a pattern, doesn’t it? Literally it’s the same type of tragedy each and every time with no or little variation. One gunman. Always a […]