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Alex Jones trial

Alex Jones is currently on trial and there are cameras in the courtroom. What’s he on trial for? Jones is a fake conspiracy theorist who has charged the people connected with Sandy Hook, New Jersey (the site of a lone wolf terrorist attack). He went so far as to say that everyone who pretends that […]

Operation Mockingbird

This CIA initiative took place after World War II in the United States. The purpose of the project was the dissemination of governmental propaganda. And part of the message was anti-Communism, since the US and Russia were at the height of their Cold War during this period. The damage that was done fighting Communism at […]

Occult: Tarot cards (from

Tarot cards are are decked like normal playing cards. There are 78 of them, in the following categories: pentacles, swords, cups, wands and major arcana. Major arcana cards off a macro perspective on life, and help people see long-term. Wands serve as guidestones for how we should navigate through our lives. Cups are perhaps the […]

Amber Heard: Did she do the nasty thing in bed that Johnny Depp’s accusing her of?

  The trial involving Johnny Depp and Amber Heard is over, with both successfully winning their defamation cases against the other. Heard has accused Depp of being physically abusive towards her, while Depp has maintained his innocence and charged that she has actually abused him, including severing the very top part of his middle finger […]

Amphiist analysis of Washington Post

Amphiist: May 13, 2020 An #amphiist is someone who is not born of royal blood But behaves in a naturally aristocratic manner (with character, integrity and a minimum of bias) An amphiist is someone who is emotionally intelligent (can see all sides to an issue) An amphiist is someone who is self-actualized (someone who is […]