Dylann Roof in Charleston: False flag?

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The Charleston tragedy raises some interesting questions. Dylann Roof killed nine church members in Charleston, South Carolina in a church informally known as Mother Emanuel. Roof had a Facebook page, and on that page there is something fascinating to consider. He had many African American friends. But why would this be so, if he was racist? Did he hate African American, or were some of them his friends? There was not a lot of information on his Facebook profile. The implication that the author of this Infowars article is making is clearly that Roof did not create the page himself, or if he did, it was at the urging of someone behind him, who had their own agenda. Roof had 80 friends, while the article comparatively states that most people in his age range have 650 or so. My thought when I read this is that of course, a loner like Roof is going to have a lot fewer friends. That’s pretty much his identity. The narrative that has grown up that because President Barack Obama is black, racial tensions in America are at an all-time high. Because the media is so liberal, there is another part to the narrative. Roof is a typical racist Conservative, who hates Obama and hates black people as a result of his extremism. One of the issues that has come up is the issue of gun control, after one of these tragedies.


Would more gun control merely rob American individuals of their freedom, or is it a necessary step in controlling these incidents that ruin so many people’s lives, as well as end so many?


Also as always with these tragic situations, the question has arisen as to whether or not it was a false flag, meaning is the government behind it in order to increase racial tension, and also to take people’s guns away from them?


However, my answer to this question is that how many so-called false flags does there need to be before the government institutes martial law? That is the reason given for all of these false flags. I’m beginning not to believe it, because if the government really wanted to implement martial law, surely they would have done it by now. It appears in general that the government in America has unlimited power to do what it wants. The era of checks and balances is pretty much over, after all.


Source: http://www.infowars.com/false-flag-dylann-roofs-barely-used-facebook-page-likely-created-in-2015/

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