Amphiist 4: Adolescent, men and women’s rights

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The age of consent should be tied to the age of puberty. When a child reaches the age of puberty, they stop being a child and become an adolescent. Some adolescents will still not be ready for sex from a psychological point of view. Everyone is different, with different potential, different experiences, different upbringings, etc. But for the mature adolescents who are self-confident and developmentally healthy, they should be able to choose with whom they have sex and when they have it. If a parent thinks their particular adolescent is not ready, then absolutely by all means they should do what they can to ensure that their adolescent put off a sexual decision until they are more ready. On the other hand, some adolescents are ready as we see with the current spate of teacher sex scandals in the United States. There has been a double standard when it comes to this issue. When an adolescent girl has sex with her male teacher everyone reacts with horror. When an adolescent guy has sex with his female teacher, men, when they become are of the situation, regret they did not have teachers like this when they were in high school.

This just goes to show that men and women are obviously different. Milo Yiannopolous recently got in trouble for saying that there is nothing wrong with a teenaged guy and older man having a sexual relationship because the older man can be a kind of mentor for the youth. I would add to this that the more culture someone has, the more they are willing to accept such arrangements. Think of Thomas Mann’s Death of Venice, where the youthful Tadzio is the object of an older man’s affection, although nothing is ever consummated.

Suppose that a young guy realizes he is gay, and his father threatens to kick him out or they have a bad relationship. Just think of the positive influence an older man could have on that young guy if the older man was completely accepting of how the young man had been born. There is almost nothing better in life than being accepted for who you are.

With girls, it is a little different, as there is the risk of pregnancy and other complications.

The people who hypocritically rejected Milo’s argument do so because of the strain of puritanism that runs through America, at least the conservative stream of it. They seem afraid of sex. They especially seem afraid of feminine sex, as evidenced by the hysteria over a teenaged girl behaving sexually. If women take control over their bodies at an early age, that engenders despair in many lower and middle-class households. The more education someone has, the more likely they are to have a sympathetic view to all situations, not just those ones that the person themselves have experience with.

This leads me to the recent controversy between alt right men and alt right women.

Paleoconservatives like Nicholas J Fuentes assert that sexual harassment would not occur in the workplace if women stayed home and looked after their children like nature and God intended. Others, like Lauren Southern, feel that women have a voice in the public sphere and they should not be silenced.

There is no doubt that women, particularly white women, enjoy enormous privilege in today’s society in the West. An attractive white woman on social media can post a happy face alone, and get thousands of likes or retweets. What a lot of these women do not know or understand is that they are dupes. Men do not really value them. They want to get them into bed, and so they perk them up with fake compliments. The women’s ego soar, and they begin to feel as though their slightest opinion should be celebrated as though an angel came down from the sky and made the proclamation personally.

When it comes to the recent sex harassment scandals, many women used the hashtag #metoo to express the stories of their own harassment. I don’t have much sympathy for these women. They are playing in a man’s world. A strong, confident woman can easily deal with a man who goes too far in the workplace. If she has personality, that is, and does not just rely on prettiness. If a woman dresses like a tramp in the workplace, shows her cleavage, wears short skirts, etc., then they do not deserve to be harassed, but they can certainly expect it. Someone who drives a motorcycle and doesn’t wear a helmet doesn’t deserve to be injured, but they shoudn’t be surprised if something happens that it turns serious. And if a woman dresses like that, she wants a sexual reaction, regardless of what she pretends. Women don’t dress for other women. Most women are insecure, and dress in a sexual way because they want the reinforcement a man can provide to their ego.

Another aspect to the situation is that women love to play the victim. They like to think of a hundred white knights chivalrously coming to their defence at a moment’s notice, without mention of the fact that she downright encouraged the abuse in the first place.

A pretty woman thinks she is a philosopher because she makes an average comment on social media. It must frustrate many men on the alt right who do not have nearly as many followers or as much engagement, since they were not blessed with a woman’s physical characteristics. Men have rights, too, including white men. They have the right to flirt with a woman without being accused of a crime. They have a right to be respected for the fact that most men are nicer and kinder than most women. Adolescents have the right to be respected, especially when they are mature and capable of making their own sexual decisions. Women have the right to be respected for the advantages they bring to the world, such as a nurturing quality which makes them ideal to raise children.

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