Sexual culture in Japan

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The sexual culture in Japan is extremely interesting. A lot of men have fantasies about Japanese women, and Asian girls in general. A quarter of Japanese men and almost half of Japanese women, however, are stated to hate sex! The author of the source I’m summarizing has four possible causes for the new asexuality in Japan: One: The Japanese people are overworked. They get up early, very early, in the morning and they do not return home until very late at night. They often do not even live in the same home, because one spouse might have a job in one region, and the other spouse in another area. It’s hard to have a dynamic sex life under these circumstances. This perhaps is one reason why an increasing number of Japanese people are saying no to marriage in the first place, because it seems like, to them, that the disadvantages outweigh the advantages by a significant margin.

Two: Sex is incredibly accessible in Japan. If you are a Japanese man, for example, prostitutes are available practically everywhere. However, you have to be Japanese. If you are not, then the prostitutes are not available to you. The ubiquitousness of prostitution has almost erased the traditional meaning of sex, which is to heighten the communication between two lovers.

Three: Social relations are not great in Japan, according to this article. Strangers are not encouraged to get to know each other, which might explain the popularity of prostitutes. Traditional dating does not seem to happen a lot in Japan. Marriages are either arranged, or women marry men for financial security, rather than a love match.

Four: The economic rough times in Japan has turned people gloomy, which might explain why people are more obsessed with making money. This brings to my mind Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. He posits that you cannot focus on abstract philosophy when you are worried about your next meal. To make his hierarchy relevant for this blog article, maybe it means that people cannot focus on sex if they are in the middle of a recession.

My own view on this is that because of pornography, sex is accessible now in a way that it never was before. Men especially can access whatever fantasy they yearn for without going through the awkward trouble of communicating with the opposite gender (or the same gender). I agree with the author’s point, however, that the Japanese seem to like clearly defined relationships, such as boss/worker, and this could explain why a lot of men prefer prostitutes. They know more what the expectations are, and do not have to worry about impressing anyone.



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