We’re not going to take it anymore!

· Philosophy

The lack of manners that we witness today is absolutely ridiculous. People are so self-absorbed for the most part (although there are wonderful exceptions) that they cannot be bothered to force themselves away from self-absorption long enough to notice the needs of those around them. There are certain pet peeves I have that have been driving me crazy, especially lately. One is when you think you are texting someone, and you later find out their cousin or friend, etc was talking to you while the friend you thought you were talking to was in the shower. Classless. Epic fail. If people don’t see why this is wrong (and my friend doesn’t), they need to enroll themselves in texting school or something because this is unacceptable. Another thing that drives me crazy is if you text someone and they take days to respond. Let’s all stop with the busy excuse. Everyone is busy. It takes a minute to respond to a text, especially when the purpose of the text is to help you with something! And since everyone is busy, yet some people have the common sense and decency to answer texts, and you don’t respond within a day, then there is something wrong with your manners, not your schedule. A third thing that drives me absolutely bonkers is when you never hear from people except when they want something. The more they try to act like your friend, the less they are liked. If you never get a hold of me without wanting something, then fine. But at least don’t insult my intelligence by acting all friendly before you go in for the kill. And for all of you who ignore texts, allow other people to text in your name, or take forever to answer them, know that it’s not just me who gets annoyed by this. Many people agree with me. And we may not say anything at the time. But we notice how you are. And we remember. So don’t be surprised if some time you want something, and we ignore you! Rant over.

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